Group: 15 Workers and Dealers in Tobacco and Pipes
Number of persons in each SubGroup
IdSubGroup 1841185118611871188118911901
1501Tobacco and Pipes0002343
Group: 15 Workers and Dealers in Tobacco and Pipes
8637William Bailey( b. 1856)1911Tobacconist
8605Charles B Bradford( b. 1861)1911Tobacconist & Confectioner
4928Fanny Butler( b. 1854)1881Tobacconist &c
4956Arthur Butler( b. 1853)1891Tobacconist & Insurance Agent
3292John Hawkins( b. 1844)1901Tobacconist
8936Lindley Murray( b. 1885)1911Tobacconist
4023Albert Pengilley( b. 1863)1901Tobacconist
4633Fredrick Old Rome( b. 1855)1881Tobacconist
4633James Rome( b. 1827)1881Tobacconist
2720James Rouse( b. 1827)1871Tobacconist
2813Frederick Old Rowe( b. 1856)1891Tobacconist
2813James Rowe( b. 1828)1891Tobacconist
7031James Rowe( b. 1827)1901Tobacconist (Retired)
3067Ann Werden( b. 1823)1871Tobacconist
960Agnes Wise( b. 1866)1891Tobacconist