Category: 135 Fitter, Turner (Engine and Machine)
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
135Fitter, Turner (Engine and Machine)001331012
Category: 135 Fitter, Turner (Engine and Machine)
1818Thos. Allen Adnams( b. 1851)1881Engine Fitter
1935Thomas A Adnams( b. 1846)1891Engineer & Fitter
3974George Alleway( b. 1849)1901Fitter & Whitesmith
9422Charles Badnell( b. 1893)1911Engineer's Apprentice
9999William Henry Bailey( b. 1892)1911Engineer's Apprentice
7687Charles R Barefield( b. 1882)1901Engineer & Cycle Fitter
542Ellen Cawes( b. 1874)1891Engine Fitter's Apprentice
542Frederick Cawes( b. 1875)1891Engine Fitter's Apprentice
9662Albert Sydney Christian( b. 1897)1911Engineer's Apprentice
8599John De Witte Courtenay( b. 1892)1911Turner And Fitter
4473Jabez W Cousins( b. 1859)1901Engineer (Brewery)
5188James Denby( b. 1843)1901Engineer's Labourer
4047Arthur Green( b. 1884)1901Engineer, Turner & Fitter
8583William Arthur Green( b. 1884)1911Turner And Fitter
6990William H Greenwood( b. 1874)1891Engineer's Apprentice
3620Thomas Hall( b. 1816)1861Drilling Machine Labourer
1733Henry Hamblin( b. 1856)1871Engine Fitter
1816Henry Hamblin( b. 1856)1881Engine Fitter
1933Henry Hamblin( b. 1857)1891Steam Engine Fitter
4474Henry Hamblin( b. 1858)1901Engine Fitter
8815Arthur Heckman( b. 1880)1911Engine Fitter
7030James Hill( b. 1877)1901Engineer's Labourer
6777Richard A Jemmett( b. 1873)1891Engine Fitter
9996Reginald Lee Jerry( b. 1896)1911Engineer's Apprentice
8571Arthur Wisley George Lacey( b. 1891)1911Engineer's Turner & Fitter
945James William Lovejoy( b. 1876)1891Engine Fitter's Apprentice
7044Albert Neville( b. 1868)1901Engineer's Ckerk
4440John A Pescud( b. 1874)1901Engineer's Assistant
6298George Potter( b. 1860)1891Engine Fitter
4551Walter T Robins( b. 1871)1901Engineer's Clerk
5818Robert Rogers( b. 1826)1871Engine Fitter
5818Robert Rogers( b. 1848)1871Engine Fitter
6790Edwin Sainsbury( b. 1872)1891Engine Fitter
7157Edwin A Sainsbury( b. 1872)1901Engine Fitter
8537Edwin Alfred Sainsbury( b. 1872)1911Engineer's Fitter
8824William Thomas Trimmins( b. 1893)1911Fitter & Turner
9554Frank Walkling( b. 1892)1911Engineer & Fitter
7605William Weaver( b. 1821)1881Engineer & Fitter (Works)
3220Richard Wheeler( b. 1872)1891Engine Fitter
652Richard Wheeler( b. 1872)1901Engineer & Turner
8871Richard Wheeler( b. 1872)1911Engineer's Fitter & Turner