Category: 177 Cabinet Maker
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
177Cabinet Maker1816161418169
Category: 177 Cabinet Maker
1015John Ashby( b. 1816)1841Cabinet Maker
8261George Avery( b. 1825)1851Cabinet Maker
2996Edward Avery ( b. 1842)1861Cabinet Maker
8323John Avery( b. 1840)1861Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
7899John Avery( b. 1840)1871Cabinet Maker
8012George Avery( b. 1825)1881Cabinet Maker
8012John Avery( b. 1841)1881Cabinet Maker
8070George Avery( b. 1825)1891Cabinet Maker
7851William Bartlett( b. 1821)1841Cabinet Maker
7534Francis J. Bartlett( b. 1859)1881Cabinet Maker
7675Francis J Bartlett( b. 1859)1891Cabinet Maker
7694Francis J Bartlett( b. 1859)1901Cabinet Maker
9150Francis John Bartlett( b. 1859)1911Cabinet Maker
1583Frederic Battley( b. 1812)1851Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
1052William Bevan( b. 1806)1841Cabinet Maker
7259William Bevan( b. 1800)1851Cabinet Maker
7360William Bevan( b. 1801)1861Cabinet Maker
3144William B Bevan( b. 1801)1871Manager to Cabinet Maker
2441Thomas Bond( b. 1864)1881Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
3781Thomas Bond( b. 1864)1891Cabinet Maker
4258Charles Burgess( b. 1854)1881Cabinet Maker
8074Charles Burgess( b. 1854)1891Cabinet Maker
2142Albert Burgess( b. 1883)1901Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
4865John Burmingham( b. 1843)1871Cabinet Maker
2629Edwin Carey( b. 1841)1861Cabinet Maker
2969John Carter( b. 1833)1851Cabinet Maker
3043Charles Carter( b. 1845)1861Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
3335Hans Christian( b. 1859)1901Cabinet Maker
6151Thomas Clements( b. 1861)1881Cabinet Maker
6668William Cobb( b. 1840)1861Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
5430Henry Cooper( b. 1806)1841Cabinet Maker
1028Richard Cooper( b. 1781)1841Cabinet Maker
3701Fred Drewett( b. 1854)1871Cabinet Maker
7981Fred Drewett( b. 1853)1881Cabinet Maker
8084Fred Drewett( b. 1853)1891Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
8084Harry Drewett( b. 1876)1891Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
8243Fred Drewett( b. 1853)1901Cabinet Maker
9142Fred Drewett( b. 1853)1911Cabinet Maker
7316James W Druce( b. 1835)1861Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer (Journeyman)
8498John Eustace( b. 1855)1911Turner (Chair)
3268Charles W Feesey( b. 1874)1891Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
6362Charles W Feesey( b. 1874)1901Cabinet Maker
8546Charles William Feesey( b. 1874)1911Cabinet Maker
2228John Gray( b. 1828)1861Cabinet Maker
4382John Gray( b. 1828)1881Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
6772John Gray( b. 1828)1891Cabinet Maker
8559Edgar Greening( b. 1882)1911Cabinet Maker
6553John Grey( b. 1828)1851Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
2260John Grey( b. 1828)1871Cabinet Maker
3337Edward Groves( b. 1862)1901Cabinet Maker
1756Charles Honey( b. 1850)1871Cabinet Maker
1217Isaac Hunt( b. 1839)1871Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
4295Isaac Hunt( b. 1838)1881Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
6947Isaac Hunt( b. 1838)1891Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
6232Robert Irvine( b. 1817)1891Cabinet Maker
794John Joemer( b. 1823)1841Cabinet Maker
2235John Jones( b. 1838)1861Cabinet Maker
6966Charles Laurence( b. 1854)1891Cabinet Maker
16John Lawrence( b. 1781)1841Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
16Joseph Lawrence( b. 1821)1841Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
1542John Lawrence( b. 1777)1851Cabinet Maker
6649Joseph Lawrence( b. 1820)1851Cabinet Maker
6675Joseph Lawrence( b. 1820)1861Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
1172Charles Lawrence( b. 1854)1871Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
1172Joseph Lawrence( b. 1815)1871Cabinet Maker
6034Walter Lovegrove( b. 1865)1881Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
4193Hedley Margrie( b. 1864)1881Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
4193Robert Margrie( b. 1838)1881Cabinet Maker
6983Hedley Margrie( b. 1864)1891Cabinet Maker
6983Robert Margrie( b. 1838)1891Cabinet Maker
1339Robert Margrie( b. 1838)1901Cabinet Maker
3364John Marlow( b. 1825)1841Cabinet Maker
667Albert Mattenly( b. 1819)1841Cabinet Maker
4721John Mead( b. 1811)1841Cabinet Maker
174John Mead( b. 1811)1851Cabinet Maker
174John Mead( b. 1837)1851Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
3173Charles G Opperman( b. 1844)1881Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
8018George Opperman( b. 1853)1881Cabinet Maker
15Robert Outhwaite( b. 1811)1841Cabinet Maker
1Wm Pearman( b. 1821)1841Cabinet Maker
3529James H Pearman( b. 1829)1851Cabinet Maker
7214George Puller( b. 1824)1851Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
2878Charles Sandy( b. 1826)1841Cabinet Maker
2972Charles Sandy( b. 1821)1851Cabinet Maker
3046Charles Sandy( b. 1822)1861Cabinet Maker
3004Edwin Savage( b. 1824)1861Cabinet Maker
3083George T Savage( b. 1849)1871Cabinet Maker
5103Edward Savage( b. 1824)1881Cabinet Maker & Town Sargeant
5095George T. Savage( b. 1849)1881Cabinet Maker
3214George T Savage( b. 1849)1891Cabinet Maker
3300Lucy Savage( b. 1846)1901Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
7344Henry Seymour( b. 1843)1861Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
4866Henry Seymour( b. 1843)1871Cabinet Maker
56Francis Sharp( b. 1806)1841Cabinet Maker
1995Joseph Shaw( b. 1863)1891Cabinet Maker
4463Joseph Shaw( b. 1863)1901Cabinet Maker
9332Joseph Shaw( b. 1863)1911Cabinet Maker
4765George Slaughter( b. 1827)1851Cabinet Maker
5952Alfred Thurm( b. 1845)1871Cabinet Maker
4978George Toomer( b. 1799)1851Cabinet Maker
175Harriett Warner( b. 1794)1851Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
4734John Weait( b. 1787)1841Cabinet Maker
6016William A. Webb( b. 1865)1881Cabinet Maker's Apprentice
6186William Alfred Webb( b. 1865)1891Cabinet Maker
2945Matthew Wells( b. 1823)1851Cabinet Maker
8333Mathew Wells( b. 1824)1861Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
1422John Wheeler( b. 1821)1841Cabinet Maker
2644Thomas White( b. 1840)1861Cabinet Maker
1214Frederick Wright( b. 1849)1871Cabinet Maker
2617Charles Wyatt( b. 1807)1861Cabinet Maker (Retired)
2729Charles Wyatt( b. 1808)1871Cabinet Maker (Retired)
4618Charles Wyatt( b. 1808)1881Cabinet Maker (Retired)
36Frederick Young( b. 1826)1841Cabinet Maker's Apprentice