Category: 2 Civil Service (officers and clerks)
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
2Civil Service (officers and clerks)589691015
Category: 2 Civil Service (officers and clerks)
4646James Bailey( b. 1809)1881Civil Service (Pensioner)
3228George Bailey( b. 1811)1891Post Office (Pensioner)
6174Frank D Barnes( b. 1874)1891Post Office Assistant
8311John William Birch( b. 1776)1851Assistant Clerk to the Parliament (Retired)
7904John H Burns( b. 1854)1871Clerk (Colonial Office)
2986Henry Clements( b. 1812)1861Collector of Taxes
5441Robert Coates( b. 1816)1851Relieving Officer & Registrar
2935George Collins( b. 1790)1851Inland Revenue Officer
4457Henry G W Cowdrey( b. 1877)1901Post Office Clerk
9667Henry G W Cowdry( b. 1877)1911Sorting Clerk & Telegraphist (Supervising)
7380George Crawford( b. 1810)1861Inland Revenue Officer
7322James Cunnington( b. 1815)1861Inland Revenue Officer
3896Edward Dee( b. 1866)1901Inland Revenue Officer
3667John Draper( b. 1814)1861Inland Revenue Officer
3137John Draper( b. 1815)1871Inland Revenue Officer
2143Joseph Foster( b. 1862)1901Postmaster
10154Charles Albert Gray( b. 1892)1911Supernumary At Post Office
415William Harding( b. 1819)1861Registrar of Births & Deaths (Retired)
5936William Harding( b. 1820)1871Relieving Officer & Registrar
5995William Harding( b. 1819)1881Relieving Officer & Registrar
3929John M Hennelly( b. 1872)1901Excise Officer
670Thomas Hester( b. 1781)1841Registrar
5146Elsie Holmes( b. 1884)1901Post Office Clerk
9995Robert Frank Holmes( b. 1889)1911Post Office Clerk
4543Charles H Honeysett( b. 1856)1901Postmaster
9355Sarah Maria Hughes( b. 1886)1911Post Office Clerk
2667Edward Jeffreys( b. 1821)1861Excise Officer
5294Jonathan Jones( b. 1811)1841Excise Officer
10238Joseph Kench( b. 1886)1911Sorting Clerk And Telegraphist
10238Herbert Labb( b. 1888)1911Sorting Clerk And Telegraphist
4420John Lambert( b. 1835)1891Inland Revenue Officer
4441John Lambert( b. 1835)1901Inland Revenue Officer (Retired)
9929Ernest Thomas Hunt Langford( b. 1885)1911Postal Clerk
191William Lee( b. 1818)1861Superintendant of Inland Revenue & Excise
311Michael Lewis( b. 1808)1881Post Office (Pensioner)
10183Ethel M C Lummis( b. 1881)1911Postal Clerk
7428William H Mason( b. 1821)1871Inland Revenue Officer
7314Alexander Melvin( b. 1791)1861Inspector General of Hospitals (Retired)
2338Helena Mercer( b. 1884)1901Postal Telegraphist
9227Richard Edmund Mitcheson( b. 1861)1911Barrister
3903Grace M Montgomery( b. 1869)1891Post Office Clerk
8635Florence May Onions( b. 1886)1911Postal Clerk
753Henry Osborne( b. 1830)1851Inland Revenue Officer
7227George Palmer( b. 1813)1851Inland Revenue Officer
5810William S Palmer( b. 1856)1871Post Office Assistant
5982Ada A. Palmer( b. 1861)1881Postmaster
5982Agness M. Palmer( b. 1860)1881Postmaster
5982Benjamin Palmer( b. 1827)1881Postmaster
5982Edith K. Palmer( b. 1867)1881Postmaster
5982Louisa C. Palmer( b. 1858)1881Postmaster
6174Ben Palmer( b. 1826)1891Postmaster
3903Benjamin Palmer( b. 1863)1891Post Office Clerk
4549Benjamin Palmer( b. 1863)1901Post Office Clerk
9654Benjamin Palmer( b. 1863)1911Chief Clerk (Post Office)
9654Norman Henry Palmer( b. 1893)1911Paid Learner (Post Office)
4552Charles T Pasmore( b. 1869)1901Post Office Clerk
3917Henry W Perkins( b. 1884)1901Post Office Clerk
10246Henry William Perkins( b. 1885)1911Sorting Clerk And Telegraphist
9377Hilda Piper( b. 1892)1911Postal Clerk
6174Flora M Rendall( b. 1870)1891Post Office Assistant
3384John Rogers( b. 1781)1841Excise Officer
7617Henry Sargeant( b. 1860)1891Post Office Clerk
1059Joseph Saundy( b. 1776)1841Registrar
8547John Simmonds( b. 1842)1911Post Office (Pensioner)
6570Richard Slater( b. 1783)1851Inland Revenue Officer
4901William Smith( b. 1849)1881Inland Revenue Officer
8090William Conyard Smith( b. 1875)1891Post Office Assistant
4549Eleanor M Smith( b. 1878)1901Post Office Clerk
3216George A Stone( b. 1848)1891Relieving Officer & Registrar
390George A Stone( b. 1844)1901Relieving Officer & Registrar
238Sarah Elizabeth Stubbs( b. 1850)1871Post Office Assistant
2112Enid M C Summers( b. 1881)1901Post Office Clerk
9243Elsie Francis Tarry( b. 1890)1911G P O Assistant
9247Dorothy E Thatcher( b. 1893)1911Sub Postoffice Assistant
5452James Wallace( b. 1807)1851Inland Revenue Officer
5451Edward Waldron Whitehead( b. 1803)1851Inland Revenue Officer
5292John Whittall( b. 1811)1841Excise Officer
1663John Wilkinson( b. 1802)1861Charge Taker General Post Office
7739Elsie Wright( b. 1883)1901Post Office Clerk