Category: 232 Confectioner, Pastrycook
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
232Confectioner, Pastrycook3434477
Category: 232 Confectioner, Pastrycook
8878May Ann Alleway( b. 1854)1911Confectioner
3044George Barnes( b. 1839)1861Pastry Cook (Journeyman)
3343Alexandra Blomfield( b. 1863)1901Pastry Cook & Confectioner
4972Emma Frances Couzens( b. 1876)1891Confectioner's Assistant
3143David Day( b. 1836)1871Confectioner
3189David Day( b. 1836)1881Confectioner
3189Kate Day( b. 1864)1881Confectioner's Shop Assistant
3280David Day( b. 1836)1891Confectioner
3280Florence M Day( b. 1873)1891Confectioner's Assistant
3280Harry Day( b. 1873)1891Confectioner's Assistant
4542David Day( b. 1836)1901Confectioner (Retired)
2922John Dimblebee( b. 1806)1841Confectioner
2971John H Dimblebee( b. 1801)1851Confectioner
3044Lydia Dimblebee( b. 1803)1861Confectioner & Pastry Cook
3140Lydia Dumbaler( b. 1803)1871Confectioner (Late)
5107Stephen Hales( b. 1857)1881Confectioner
6335Stephen Richard Hales( b. 1882)1901Confectioner
6364Lettice Hare( b. 1871)1901Confectioner's Assistant
2382Jane Hills( b. 1790)1851Confectioner
200Sarah Holford( b. 1798)1861Confectioner
4120H Johnson( b. 1811)1841Pastry Cook
4568Mary Malpass( b. 1813)1851Confectioner
4972Annie Elizth May( b. 1863)1891Confectioner's Assistant
742Alexander Newton( b. 1826)1851Pastry Cook
3189Thomas North( b. 1860)1881Confectioner's Assistant
7518Lucy Paess( b. 1819)1871Sweets &c Shop Keeper
3343Constance Savage( b. 1881)1901Pastry Cook & Shop Assistant
2845Esther Simmonds( b. 1796)1841Pastry Cook
9869Gustave Smart( b. 1883)1911Pastry Cook
2517Winifred S Spearing( b. 1861)1901Keeper of Sweet Shop
8944William Taylor( b. 1861)1911Confectioner
9992George Warner( b. 1875)1911Confectioner
9992Maud Warner( b. 1883)1911Confectioner's Assistant
10129Alfred Weaver( b. 1884)1911Pastry Cook
288Thomas Webb( b. 1850)1871Confectioner
4972Frederick Thos Webb( b. 1875)1891Confectioner's Assistant
4972Thomas Webb( b. 1850)1891Confectioner
3858Frederick T Webb( b. 1872)1901Confectioner & Bread Maker