Category: 26 Law Clerk, and others connected with the law
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
26Law Clerk, and others connected with the law0233565
Category: 26 Law Clerk, and others connected with the law
9645Robert Reginald Beck( b. 1895)1911Law Clerk
2352George E Cobb( b. 1837)1851Writing Clerk (Solicitor's)
2684George Cobb( b. 1837)1871Clerk (Solicitor's)
4671George Ed. Cobb( b. 1837)1881General Clerk (Solicitor's)
512Frank Morris Crisp( b. 1872)1891Clerk (Solicitor's)
3880Charles Drewett( b. 1880)1901Clerk (Solicitor's)
9277Charles Eden Drewett( b. 1882)1911Clerk (Solicitor's)
8514Herbert Oliver Hopkins( b. 1887)1911Clerk (Solicitor's)
1957John B Kick( b. 1866)1891Clerk (Solicitor's)
8774Philip Oswin Knowles( b. 1891)1911Law Student (Articled Clerk)
7618Herbert S Lapley( b. 1876)1891Clerk (Solicitor's)
2284Arthur R Lloyds( b. 1861)1881General Clerk (Solicitor's)
3158Harry Macqueen( b. 1863)1881Clerk (Solicitor's)
3241Ernest L Macqueen( b. 1867)1891Clerk (Solicitor's)
8233Ernest J Macqueen( b. 1868)1901Clerk (Solicitor's)
9932Harold Middleton( b. 1891)1911Clerk (Solicitor's)
2218Robert Nesham( b. 1809)1861General Clerk (Solicitor's)
756John Page( b. 1813)1851General Clerk (Solicitor's)
4679John Page( b. 1831)1881General Clerk (Solicitor's)
3003James Stevens( b. 1840)1861Clerk (Barrister's)
3216Arthur S Stone( b. 1872)1891Clerk (Solicitor's)
390Arthur S Stone( b. 1872)1901Clerk (Solicitor's)
2071Daniel Taylor( b. 1879)1901Clerk (Solicitor's)
2072Charles Thomas Terry( b. 1873)1901Clerk (Solicitor's)
9381Charles Thomas Terry( b. 1873)1911Law Clerk
1664James White( b. 1829)1861General Clerk (Solicitor's)
1785James White( b. 1831)1871General Clerk (Solicitor's)
7532James White( b. 1829)1881General Clerk (Solicitor's)
3263James White( b. 1829)1891Clerk (Solicitor's)
9104Frank Wilkins( b. 1894)1911Law Clerk
7459Edwin L Wright( b. 1853)1871General Clerk (Solicitor's)