Category: 282 Tailor
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
Category: 282 Tailor
6044James Adams( b. 1849)1881Tailor
1109William Aldridge( b. 1809)1841Tailor
6735William Aldridge( b. 1809)1861Tailor
1270William Aldridge( b. 1809)1871Tailor
4206William Aldridge( b. 1809)1881Tailor
4980George Allaway( b. 1834)1871Tailor
4981George Allaway( b. 1834)1881Tailor
6588W Alldridge( b. 1809)1851Tailor
6619Henry Alleway( b. 1821)1851Tailor
2224Henry Alleway( b. 1821)1861Tailor
2251Henry Alleway( b. 1820)1871Tailor
2274Henry Alleway( b. 1819)1881Tailor
2295Henry Alleway( b. 1821)1891Tailor
147George Alloway( b. 1831)1851Tailor
3061David Arthur( b. 1847)1871Tailor (Journeyman)
3463Henry Ashby( b. 1811)1841Tailor
3507Henry Ashby( b. 1807)1851Tailor
3627Henry Ashby( b. 1808)1861Tailor (Journeyman)
3627William H Ashby( b. 1842)1861Tailor (Journeyman)
3715Henry Ashby( b. 1807)1871Tailor
1218William H Ashby( b. 1842)1871Tailor
2421Henry Ashby( b. 1808)1881Tailor
4310William Henry Ashby( b. 1842)1881Tailor
6880William H Ashby( b. 1842)1891Tailor
7104Henry J Ashby( b. 1883)1901Tailor's Apprentice
7104William H Ashby( b. 1842)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
9419Henry James Ashby( b. 1883)1911Tailor Maker
9419William Henry Ashby( b. 1842)1911Tailor Maker
9499Arthur Leonard Avery( b. 1895)1911Tailor's Apprentice
6876George Badnell( b. 1857)1891Tailor
7107George Badnell( b. 1857)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
9422George Badnell( b. 1857)1911Tailor
4804Grace Baker( b. 1841)1861Tailoress
4804Sarah A Baker( b. 1826)1861Tailoress
4869Grace Baker( b. 1841)1871Tailoress
4869Sarah Ann Baker( b. 1832)1871Tailoress
4915Grace Baker( b. 1850)1881Tailoress
4946Grace Baker( b. 1845)1891Tailoress
9132Mary Ann E Barham( b. 1859)1911Outfitter
5356William Barnes( b. 1816)1841Tailor
2963George Birley( b. 1824)1851Tailor's Assistant
2963Joseph Birley( b. 1798)1851Tailor (Master)
7461Joseph Birley( b. 1798)1871Tailor (Retired)
6065John Bishop( b. 1857)1881Tailor
2880Joseph Bisley( b. 1826)1841Tailor's Apprentice
5632Charles Bisley( b. 1838)1861Tailor
5054George Bisley( b. 1825)1861Tailor
5632Joseph Bisley( b. 1798)1861Tailor (Master)
3439William Bolton( b. 1821)1841Tailor
6620Benjamin Bolton( b. 1801)1851Tailor
6988John Bowles( b. 1855)1891Tailor
1365John Bowles( b. 1856)1901Tailor
64John Bradfield( b. 1791)1841Tailor
4588Thos Britwell( b. 1825)1851Tailor
150Henry Brooker( b. 1831)1851Tailor
2879Duke Brose( b. 1821)1841Tailor
2220William Brown( b. 1817)1861Tailor
1197William Brown( b. 1817)1871Tailor
4397Willm. Brown( b. 1817)1881Tailor
7258Alfred Buck( b. 1820)1851Tailor's Foreman
4836William Bucket( b. 1822)1861Tailor
6642William Buckett( b. 1821)1851Tailor
1032William Bullock( b. 1806)1841Tailor (Journeyman)
6636William Bullock( b. 1807)1851Tailor
6700William M Bullock( b. 1805)1861Tailor
3944Susan Burgis( b. 1811)1851Tailoress
5642Isaac Cannon( b. 1818)1861Tailor
7378Charles Canter( b. 1816)1861Tailor
7482Charles Carter( b. 1816)1871Tailor (Journeyman Unemployed)
7584Charles Carter( b. 1816)1881Tailor
2610Richard K Chapman( b. 1812)1861Tailor
2436Thomas Collins( b. 1842)1881Tailor
6601James Cone( b. 1800)1851Tailor
10083Stewart Cook( b. 1886)1911Tailor (Maker)
1111Richard Cooper( b. 1811)1841Tailor
6599Henry Cooper( b. 1835)1851Tailor
6599Richard Cooper( b. 1811)1851Tailor
857Emily J Cooper( b. 1848)1861Tailoress
857Emma Cooper( b. 1838)1861Tailoress
857Richard Cooper( b. 1811)1861Tailor
5943Esther Cooper( b. 1851)1871Tailoress
5943Harriet Cooper( b. 1853)1871Tailoress
5943Richard Cooper( b. 1811)1871Tailor
436William Cooper( b. 1798)1871Tailor
5088William Cooper( b. 1837)1881Gentleman's Outfitter & Tailor
6870John Cooper( b. 1836)1891Tailor
3206William Cooper( b. 1837)1891Clothier & Rate Collector
5255John Cooper( b. 1836)1901Tailor (Master)
836James Cove( b. 1799)1841Tailor
2871James Cox( b. 1821)1841Tailor
6290George Cox( b. 1869)1891Tailor
3873George Cox( b. 1869)1901Tailor
8685George Ernest Cox( b. 1869)1911Tailor
7888Edward Cranfield( b. 1850)1871Tailor
5119Edward Cranfield( b. 1850)1881Tailor
5119Thomas Cranfield( b. 1864)1881Tailor
4966William Stratton Crawley( b. 1855)1891Tailor
6374George H Crawley( b. 1874)1901Tailor
2484William Crawley( b. 1854)1901Tailor
8635George Henry Crawley( b. 1874)1911Tailor Maker
9047William Dratton Crawley( b. 1854)1911Tailor
8784Charles Cresswell( b. 1863)1911Tinber Merchant's Carter
5407James Davis( b. 1816)1841Tailor
5664James John Davis( b. 1814)1861Tailor
5664James John Davis( b. 1846)1861Tailor's Apprentice
5835James Davis( b. 1814)1871Tailor
6042James Davis( b. 1814)1881Tailor
3401Daniel Drescoll( b. 1811)1841Tailor
4362Edward Dyer( b. 1829)1871Tailor (Master)
4362Henry Dyer( b. 1805)1871Tailor
9464Robert Ellison( b. 1880)1911Tailor
963Anna Emery( b. 1847)1891Tailoress
6206William Emmett( b. 1868)1891Tailor
8228Edward W Francis( b. 1856)1901Tailor
9234Edward William Francis( b. 1856)1911Tailor
9234Norman Sidney Francis( b. 1894)1911Tailor (Assisting Father)
1884George Godley( b. 1862)1881Tailor
6824George Godley( b. 1862)1891Tailor
3938George Godley( b. 1862)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
9345George Godley( b. 1862)1911Tailor
2855William Godwin( b. 1791)1841Tailor
4565Samuel Goff( b. 1794)1851Tailor & Draper
6615William Gopp( b. 1806)1851Tailor
2225William Gough( b. 1784)1861Tailor
9238Walter Guscott( b. 1884)1911Outfitter
4809Fredk Harris( b. 1831)1861Tailor & Draper
4936Henry James Harris( b. 1861)1881Tailor
4963Henry James Harris( b. 1871)1891Tailoress
39Thomas Harrison( b. 1816)1841Tailor
5592Thomas Harrison( b. 1815)1851Tailor
2570Thomas Harrison( b. 1815)1861Tailor
2678Thomas Harrison( b. 1815)1871Tailor
5819Thomas Harrison( b. 1845)1871Tailor
2954Thomas Henner( b. 1831)1851Tailor
8337John Hobbs( b. 1838)1861Tailor
7642Frank Hobbs( b. 1872)1891Tailor
8262Frederick Hollis( b. 1832)1851Tailor
1040Charles House( b. 1801)1841Tailor
3948Charles House( b. 1801)1851Tailor
7273Henry House( b. 1821)1851Tailor
837Charles House( b. 1803)1861Tailor
876Charles House( b. 1801)1871Tailor
5055John Howse( b. 1822)1861Tailor
3119John Howse( b. 1823)1871Tailor
3176Robert Hunt( b. 1860)1881Clothier's Assistant
3360James Ingle( b. 1812)1841Tailor
2331Alfred C Ives( b. 1875)1901Clothier's Assistant
3243Joseph James( b. 1853)1891Tailor
6003Joseph Janes( b. 1856)1881Tailor
613Alfred Janes( b. 1881)1901Tailor
613Joseph Janes( b. 1856)1901Tailor
8866Joseph Janes( b. 1855)1911Tailor
6065William Jeffreys( b. 1833)1881Tailor
1521John Jones( b. 1825)1851Tailor
1514William Jones( b. 1822)1851Tailor
224Richard Jones( b. 1841)1861Tailor
1287Edward Jones( b. 1843)1871Tailor
6214Thomas King( b. 1868)1891Tailor
4536Thomas King( b. 1868)1901Tailor
9770Thomas King( b. 1868)1911Tailor (Journeyman)
5411Mathew Kirkpatrick( b. 1794)1841Tailor
5534Mathew Kirkpatrick( b. 1791)1851Tailor
9699Alice Lawson( b. 1884)1911Tailoress
569James Lloyd( b. 1847)1881Tailor
1051William Loader( b. 1816)1841Tailor
5834Charles Love( b. 1848)1871Tailor
6110John Mac Cluskie( b. 1846)1881Tailor
3048Thomas Marks( b. 1820)1861Tailor
9831Samuel Joseph Mason( b. 1872)1911Tailor And Draper
4321William G Mcvicker( b. 1853)1891Outfitter (Military)
3289Henry Monk( b. 1871)1901Outfitter's Manager
6401William E Moss( b. 1877)1901Tailor
8956Margaret Mossby( b. 1834)1911Tailoress
3361James Munday( b. 1817)1841Tailor
6065Mary A. Nicholls( b. 1833)1881Tailoress
4144Henry Paulin( b. 1816)1841Tailor's Apprentice
794William Paulin( b. 1816)1841Tailor
4921Samuel Philip Pavey( b. 1853)1881Tailor
2012Samuel P Pavey( b. 1860)1891Tailor
10094Samuel Philip Pavey( b. 1859)1911Tailor
3717Thomas Payne( b. 1841)1871Tailor
4277Thomas Payne( b. 1841)1881Tailor
6869Thomas Payne( b. 1841)1891Tailor
7114Thomas Payne( b. 1841)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
9534Edward Mark Pedder( b. 1894)1911Tailor Maker
3230Anne J Percy( b. 1862)1891Tailor & Hosier's Assistant
3230Richard Percy( b. 1863)1891Tailor & Hosier
4012Richard Percy( b. 1835)1901Tailor (Retired)
3294Richard Percy( b. 1863)1901Tailor
10068Frederick Phippen( b. 1874)1911Tailor
1009Thomas Piercy( b. 1823)1841Tailor
5408Hannah Pike( b. 1796)1841Tailoress
4745James Pike( b. 1797)1841Tailor
4785James Pike( b. 1798)1851Tailor
209Hannah Pike( b. 1794)1861Tailoress
4823James Pike( b. 1798)1861Tailor
5963James J Pike( b. 1798)1871Tailor
2162Samuel P Povey( b. 1859)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
3526George Pratt( b. 1828)1851Tailor
2865Annie Ramsey( b. 1816)1841Tailor
2865Louisa Ramsey( b. 1806)1841Tailor
68Edward Readings( b. 1826)1841Tailor's Apprentice
7248Thomas Reeves( b. 1831)1851Tailor
3804Charles Reeves( b. 1872)1891Tailor
5131Charles Reeves( b. 1872)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
10082Charles Reeves( b. 1872)1911Tailor (Maker)
814Mary Ridge( b. 1770)1841Tailoress
4208George Ridge( b. 1866)1881Tailor's Apprentice
2080George Ridge( b. 1866)1901Tailor
9967George Ridge( b. 1866)1911Tailor
354Michael Lloyd Robins( b. 1876)1891Outfitter's Apprentice
391Ernest J Robins( b. 1882)1901Tailor's Cutter
9391Ernest John Robins( b. 1881)1911Outfitter
9362Herbert Lloyd Robins( b. 1876)1911Tailor & Hosier
3321Alfred Rowles( b. 1887)1901Outfitter's Apprentice
4915Sarah Saunders( b. 1836)1881Tailoress
4946Sarah Ann Saunders( b. 1836)1891Tailoress
2865Mary Sewell( b. 1786)1841Tailor
7633Edward J Sexton( b. 1876)1891Tailor's Apprentice
116Thos Sharp( b. 1834)1851Tailor's Apprentice
7004William H Shepherd( b. 1865)1891Tailor
1331William Sheppard( b. 1865)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
9959Sidney Arthur Sheppard( b. 1894)1911Tailor's Apprentice
9959William Harry Sheppard( b. 1864)1911Tailor
7988James V Slater( b. 1821)1881Tailor
3514Dennis Drickel Smith( b. 1808)1851Tailor
3653John Smith( b. 1808)1861Tailor
832Abraham Soundy( b. 1816)1841Tailor
4449Frederick H Stevens( b. 1875)1901Outfitter
6795Edwin Talbot( b. 1874)1891Tailor's Improver
1382John Taylor( b. 1823)1851Tailor
2608John Taylor( b. 1823)1861Tailor
3951Ann Taylor( b. 1824)1871Tailoress
3951John Taylor( b. 1823)1871Tailor
2738Susa n R Taylor( b. 1851)1871Tailor
941John Taylor( b. 1823)1881Tailor
7385George Temperton( b. 1839)1861Tailor
1049Henry Thatcher( b. 1818)1841Tailor
4260Harry Thompson( b. 1855)1881Clothier's Assistant
3278Harry J Thompson( b. 1855)1891Clothier's Assistant
3342Harry Thompson( b. 1857)1901Clothier's Assistant
3342Harry Thompson( b. 1883)1901Tailor's Cutter
9700Harry Thompson( b. 1884)1911Tailor's Cutter
9037Ellen Tiller( b. 1891)1911Tailoress
5876Joseph Tomlin( b. 1856)1871Tailor
6066Charles Tomlin( b. 1863)1881Tailor
6239Charles Tomlin( b. 1863)1891Tailor
29Robert Tomms( b. 1806)1841Tailor
2061David Urquhart( b. 1874)1901Gentleman's Outfitter
6294Harry Waller( b. 1869)1891Tailor
9120Harold Wates( b. 1886)1911Tailor's Cutter
2925Joshua Watts( b. 1771)1841Tailor
1051William Watts( b. 1821)1841Tailor
2974John Watts( b. 1770)1851Tailor
8262Thomas Watts( b. 1819)1851Tailor
3193Joshua Watts( b. 1853)1881Clothier Tailor & Hatter
3284Joshua Watts( b. 1853)1891Outfitter's Manager
4925William Webb( b. 1836)1881Tailor
652Joseph Wheeler( b. 1881)1901Tailor
9279Fred John William( b. 1886)1911Clothier's Assistant
4717Henry Wilson( b. 1801)1841Tailor
1441Thomas Woodbridge( b. 1776)1841Collar Maker
1532Thomas Woodbridge( b. 1777)1851Collar Maker
1424Saml. Woodly( b. 1801)1841Tailor
5212Thomas Wootten( b. 1879)1901Tailor (Journeyman)
9525Thomas Stephen Wotton( b. 1876)1911Tailor Maker