Category: 6 Municipal, Parish, Union, District, Officer
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
6Municipal, Parish, Union, District, Officer2126647
Category: 6 Municipal, Parish, Union, District, Officer
5428John Arundell( b. 1771)1841Cryer
6758Charles H Arundell( b. 1821)1861Town Crier
9674Henry Baker( b. 1867)1911Sanitary Inspector
7755Frank William Cave( b. 1879)1911Master of the Workhouse
7540Henry Clements( b. 1810)1881Collector of Taxes
7743William Cooper( b. 1837)1901Urban Sanitary Rate Collector
7924George E Cordery( b. 1827)1871Cemetery Lodge Keeper
611Ernest W H Fox( b. 1869)1901Sergeant at Mace
8808Charles Edward Fox( b. 1884)1911Rate Collector & Assistant Surveyor
8864Ernest Henry Fox( b. 1869)1911Town Sergeant & Hall Keeper
7755George Edwin Gardener( b. 1883)1911Workhouse Assistant
8059William Gray( b. 1852)1881Curator of Cemetery
8105William Gray( b. 1852)1891Curator of Cemetery
8430William Gray( b. 1852)1911Curator of Cemetery
987Charles Harwood( b. 1874)1901Corporation Employee
5829Maria Isa Higgs( b. 1846)1871Lady Superintendant of Nursing
715William Leaver( b. 1761)1841Parish Clerk
1721John W Livingstone( b. 1826)1871Town Crier
4982John Martin( b. 1841)1891Master of the Workhouse
3322George Mattick( b. 1836)1901Sanitary Inspector
3109James Mitchell( b. 1824)1871Parish & Local Rate Collector
5123James Mitchell( b. 1824)1881Local Rate Collector
4978Samuel Mortlock( b. 1809)1851Master of the Workhouse
4979Samuel Mortlock( b. 1809)1861Master of the Workhouse
4980Samuel Mortlock( b. 1809)1871Master of the Workhouse
4981Samuel Mortlock( b. 1809)1881Master of the Workhouse
345Richard Pratt( b. 1837)1891Borough Surveyor
3303Richard Pratt( b. 1837)1901Borough Surveyor
9380Edward Pratt( b. 1869)1911Collector Of Income Tax
9378Ernest Pratt( b. 1881)1911Borough Surveyor
3083Edwin Savage( b. 1824)1871Town Sergeant
3219Edwin Savage( b. 1824)1891Town Hall Keeper
4983George Burton Simmons( b. 1869)1901Master of the Workhouse
4981James Spickernell( b. 1821)1881Superintendant of Labour
4939William Tagg( b. 1853)1881Attendant at Bathing Place
8607Thomas Nathaniel Watts( b. 1884)1911Municipal Surveyor
3979John Woodwards( b. 1876)1901Corporation Employee