Category: 63 Washing and Bathing Service
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
63Washing and Bathing Service4875899910487107
Category: 63 Washing and Bathing Service
9433Lillian Aberdeen( b. 1886)1911Laundress
1935Anne E Adnams( b. 1845)1891Laundress
2130Ann E Adnams( b. 1841)1901Laundress
9577Alice Allen( b. 1891)1911Laundry Maid
7261Eliza Alleway( b. 1802)1851Laundress
753Ellenor Allon( b. 1796)1851Laundress (Formerly)
5009Rachel Andrew( b. 1773)1841Washer Woman
6202Harriet Apted( b. 1856)1891Laundress
6433Harriett Apted( b. 1856)1901Laundress
7027Hannah Archer( b. 1863)1901Laundress
5480Eliza Arundell( b. 1811)1851Laundress
1442Anne Ashby( b. 1786)1841Laundress
4601Ann Ashley( b. 1781)1851Mangling (Formerly)
2704Elizabeth Atkinson( b. 1827)1871Laundress
9858Jane Atkinson( b. 1863)1911Laundress
7968Sarah Austin( b. 1818)1871Laundry Servant
556Sarah Austin( b. 1834)1881Laundress
7755Sarah Austin( b. 1844)1911Laundress
4301Matilda A Avery( b. 1860)1881Laundress
4301Sarah Elizabeth Avery( b. 1852)1881Laundress
6893Matilda A Avery( b. 1860)1891Laundry Worker
7091Ellen Avery( b. 1875)1901Laundry Packer
7092Emma Avery( b. 1849)1901Laundress
9499Emily Avery( b. 1858)1911Laundress
9602Emma Avery( b. 1852)1911Laundress
9602Mabel Elizabeth Avery( b. 1893)1911Laundress
4792Elizabeth Ayres( b. 1797)1851Laundress
4832Elizabeth Ayres( b. 1797)1861Laundress
5885Emma Ayres( b. 1849)1871Washer Woman
6067Eliza Ayres( b. 1829)1881Laundress
6067Sarah Ayres( b. 1866)1881Laundress
6203Alice Ayres( b. 1875)1891Laundress
6203Emma Ayres( b. 1851)1891Laundress
6249Caroline Bailey( b. 1837)1891Laundress
5458Sarah Barney( b. 1808)1851Washer Woman
4981Sarah Barney( b. 1810)1881Laundry Worker
2402Emma Barnfield( b. 1843)1881Laundress
7141Arthur K Barnley( b. 1861)1901Laundry Worker
7317Ann Bartlett( b. 1824)1861Washer Woman
7418Ann Bartlett( b. 1826)1871Laundress
7534Ann E. Bartlett( b. 1826)1881Laundress
7534Eliza Bartlett( b. 1857)1881Laundress (Assistant)
7534Fanny Bartlett( b. 1852)1881Laundress (Assistant)
7534Mary A. Bartlett( b. 1854)1881Laundress (Assistant)
3265Fanny Bartlett( b. 1852)1891Laundress
7578Fanny Baston( b. 1837)1881Laundress
7571Mary Bateman( b. 1850)1881Laundress
2330Harriet Bateman( b. 1877)1901Laundress
2330Mary Bateman( b. 1850)1901Laundress
3377Elizabeth Beachey( b. 1791)1841Laundress
904Hannah Beck( b. 1828)1871Laundress
4991Hannah Beck( b. 1830)1881Laundress (Formerly)
7755Mary Beckenham( b. 1845)1911Laundress
7862Mary Bedford( b. 1807)1871Washer Woman
6614Elizabeth Beechy( b. 1785)1851Laundress
7224Lucy Benford( b. 1806)1851Laundress
2326Sarah Bennell( b. 1850)1901Laundress
5273Emma E Berriss( b. 1865)1901Laundress
5273Rachel Berriss( b. 1825)1901Laundress
10130Alice Amelia Binnes( b. 1863)1911Laundress
10130Elsie Caroline Binnes( b. 1894)1911Laundress (Assistant)
6179Martha Blackall( b. 1833)1891Washing Woman
2133Martha Blackall( b. 1833)1901Laundress
1330Harriet Blackmore( b. 1853)1901Laundress
6080Elizabeth Boling( b. 1836)1881Laundress
5998Mary Bond( b. 1838)1881Laundress
5932Caroline Bowling( b. 1828)1871Laundress
1435Ann Briant( b. 1806)1841Laundress
1524Elizabeth Briant( b. 1806)1851Laundress
2630Elizabeth Briant( b. 1810)1861Laundress
994Ada Brooker( b. 1880)1901Laundress
1890Elizth. Broughton( b. 1859)1881Laundry Maid
2186Elizabeth Broughton( b. 1848)1901Laundress
4403Elizabeth Brown( b. 1843)1891Laundress
7755Harriett Brown( b. 1863)1911Laundress
4980Sarah Bruckland( b. 1828)1871Laundress
1615Elizabeth Bryant( b. 1806)1861Laundress
1615Martha Bryant( b. 1819)1861Laundress
1707Caroline Bryant( b. 1831)1871Laundress
1697Elizabeth Bryant( b. 1805)1871Laundress (Formerly)
7965Ann Bucket( b. 1845)1871Laundress
1584Elizabeth Buckett( b. 1809)1851Laundress
5860Eliza Buckett( b. 1822)1871Washer Woman
6516Mary Buckett( b. 1858)1901Laundress
10157Lezey Buckett( b. 1870)1911Laundress
8769Mary Buckett( b. 1857)1911Laundress
8704Mary Ann Buckett( b. 1856)1911Laundress
8199Roselta Bunce( b. 1856)1901Laundress
8199Roselta Bunce( b. 1883)1901Laundress
9254Florence Bunce( b. 1889)1911Laundress
9520Louie Callis( b. 1888)1911Laundress
7871Charlotte Carr( b. 1825)1871Laundress
7755Mary Ann Caterer( b. 1862)1911Laundress
5543Emma Cato( b. 1821)1851Laundress
5543Sarah Cato( b. 1797)1851Laundress
7486Malton Caton( b. 1850)1871Laundress
4658Sarah Champ( b. 1803)1881Laundress (Formerly)
5066Sarah Church( b. 1787)1861Laundress (Formerly)
9879Alvina Church( b. 1867)1911Laundress
5013Sarah Clark( b. 1772)1841Laundress
5012Sarah Clark( b. 1778)1841Washer Woman
7968Eliza Clark( b. 1852)1871Laundry Servant
8194Mary Clark( b. 1854)1901Laundress
4579Elizabeth Clarke( b. 1801)1851Laundress
2188Agnes Clements( b. 1882)1901Laundress
7966Susan Clinch( b. 1824)1871Laundress
3443Lydia Clisby( b. 1821)1841Laundress
3427Sarah Clisby( b. 1796)1841Laundress
3443Susannah Clisby( b. 1802)1841Laundress
3548Lydia Clisby( b. 1821)1851Laundress
3538Sarah Clisby( b. 1793)1851Laundress
3548Susannah Clisby( b. 1802)1851Laundress
3660Lydia Clisby( b. 1821)1861Laundress
3660Susannah Clisby( b. 1801)1861Laundress
2051Fanny Cobb( b. 1831)1891Laundress
7948Elizabeth Cook( b. 1822)1871Laundress
6864Emily Cook( b. 1868)1891Laundress
7038Emily Cook( b. 1871)1901Laundress
8482Rose Ann Cook( b. 1852)1911Laundry Worker
5943Mary A Cooper( b. 1836)1871Laundress
6134Ester Cooper( b. 1851)1881Laundress
6308Esther Cooper( b. 1851)1891Laundress
6542Esther Cooper( b. 1851)1901Laundress
6993Ann M Cordery( b. 1829)1891Laundress
425Mary Cornish( b. 1836)1861Laundry Maid
3447Sarah Cranfield( b. 1801)1841Laundress
7649Sarah Cresswell( b. 1830)1891Laundress
983Rachael Cresswell( b. 1842)1901Laundress
6466Sarah Cresswell( b. 1830)1901Laundress (Retired)
3486Mary Ann Cross( b. 1807)1851Laundress
2189Hannah Dale( b. 1849)1901Laundress
5449Sarah Darling( b. 1803)1851Laundress
7830Margaret Day( b. 1821)1841Laundress
8314Margaret Day( b. 1821)1851Laundress
2600Margaret Day( b. 1818)1861Laundress
9516Martha Mirand Dean( b. 1881)1911Laundress
4244Jane Deane( b. 1857)1881Laundress
6933Jane Deane( b. 1855)1891Laundress
1572Harriett Dearlove( b. 1814)1851Laundress
413Harriett Dearlove( b. 1821)1861Laundress
4359Caroline M Dearlove( b. 1850)1871Laundress
450Harriett Dearlove( b. 1815)1871Laundress
578Caroline Dearlove( b. 1850)1881Laundress
7576Harriet Dearlove( b. 1812)1881Laundry Woman
653Caroline Dearlove( b. 1849)1901Laundress
8787Caroline Mary Dearlove( b. 1850)1911Laundress
872Mary Dell( b. 1807)1861Washer Woman
6943Ann Denton( b. 1830)1891Laundress
629Eliza Denton( b. 1843)1901Laundress
10163Mary Ann Denton( b. 1859)1911Laundress
6105Caroline Douglas( b. 1829)1881Laundress
6244Caroline Douglas( b. 1827)1891Laundress
7755Elizabeth Douglas( b. 1877)1911Laundress
5883Elizabeth Douglass( b. 1857)1871Laundry Worker
3531Mary Drewett( b. 1792)1851Laundress
6688Mary Ann Drewitt( b. 1795)1861Laundress
9798Gertrude Mary Mac Eachen( b. 1890)1911Laundress
3490Ann Eady( b. 1807)1851Laundress
9797Agnes Rose Mac Earline( b. 1891)1911Laundress
9797Elizabeth Carris Mac Earline( b. 1866)1911Laundress
2839Caroline Eastman( b. 1865)1891Laundress
3377Eliza Edey( b. 1826)1841Laundress
3377Mary Edey( b. 1826)1841Laundress
4573Emma Egelton( b. 1813)1851Laundress
2653Emma Eggleton( b. 1813)1861Washer Woman
7413Sarah Eggleton( b. 1825)1871Laundress
8964Alice Elizabeth Eggleton( b. 1880)1911Laundress
8964Sarah Eggleton( b. 1853)1911Laundress
4338Mary Elliot( b. 1816)1891Laundress
843Elizabeth Emmett( b. 1847)1861Laundress (Assistant)
843Harriet Emmett( b. 1814)1861Laundress
5999Harriett Emmett( b. 1821)1881Laundress
822Sarah Eustace( b. 1770)1841Washer Woman
5208Kate Eustace( b. 1866)1901Laundress
2222Sarah Fisher( b. 1811)1861Laundress
1210Emily Fisher( b. 1843)1871Laundress
7970Louisa Ford( b. 1831)1871Laundress
8770Emily Fordham( b. 1891)1911Laundress
8770Sarah Fordham( b. 1865)1911Laundress
6509Susan Foster( b. 1871)1901Laundress
8750Susan Foster( b. 1872)1911Laundress
6749Ann Fowler( b. 1800)1861Mangler
3481Mary French( b. 1804)1851Laundress
5607Elizath Frewin( b. 1814)1851Laundress
5741Elizth Frewin( b. 1816)1861Laundress
1139Mary Jane Frewin( b. 1841)1861Laundress
5977Elizabeth Frewin( b. 1816)1871Laundress
6165Elizabeth Frewin( b. 1815)1881Laundress
6207Mary Frewin( b. 1834)1891Laundress
6459Mary Frewin( b. 1834)1901Laundress
9917Ethel Fryer( b. 1885)1911Laundress
7777Ann Gale( b. 1811)1841Laundress
6545Ann Gale( b. 1803)1851Laundress
2239Anna Gale( b. 1804)1861Laundress
235Sarah Gale( b. 1844)1861Laundress
2264Ann Gale( b. 1804)1871Laundress
8361Mary Gaskin( b. 1803)1861Washer Woman
8765Frances Gaskin( b. 1886)1911Laundry Woman
9938Emily George( b. 1876)1911Laundress
5280Edith Gessey( b. 1878)1901Laundress
5278Mary E Gessey( b. 1869)1901Laundress
9575Rachel Gesswell( b. 1843)1911Laundress
4825Susan Gillett( b. 1808)1861Laundress
1727Susannah Gillett( b. 1807)1871Laundress
5662Maryann Gillman( b. 1815)1861Washer Woman
1537Mary A Gilman( b. 1813)1851Laundress
7876Emma Godchild( b. 1839)1871Laundress
3456Elizabeth Godfrey( b. 1806)1841Laundress
3489Elizabeth Godfrey( b. 1803)1851Laundress
3602Eliza Godfrey( b. 1802)1861Laundress
3602Mary Ann Godfrey( b. 1837)1861Laundress
7875Elizabeth Godfrey( b. 1801)1871Laundress
2409Elizabeth Godfrey( b. 1799)1881Laundress
2409Ruby A Godfrey( b. 1837)1881Laundress
3785Mary Ann Godfrey( b. 1838)1891Laundress
4367Jane Goodey( b. 1793)1871Laundress (Formerly)
6543Emily Goodyear( b. 1866)1901Laundress
3725Ann Gray( b. 1823)1871Laundress
3725Sarah Gray( b. 1847)1871Laundress
1940Elizabeth Gray( b. 1848)1891Laundress
2074Annie Gray( b. 1883)1901Laundress
2074Ethel Gray( b. 1885)1901Laundress
9917Sarah Gray( b. 1851)1911Laundress
3402Elizabeth Green( b. 1781)1841Washer Woman
1509Martha Green( b. 1813)1851Laundress
870Caroline Green( b. 1827)1861Laundress
8131Ann Green( b. 1839)1891Laundress
8219Alice J Green( b. 1879)1901Laundress
8219Ann Green( b. 1839)1901Laundress
7755Jane Green( b. 1842)1911Laundress
5859Caroline Gregory( b. 1836)1871Laundress
4980Elizabeth Grubb( b. 1802)1871Laundress
815Elizabeth Guise( b. 1781)1841Washer Woman
6077Ellen P. Gurden( b. 1847)1881Laundress
5934Priscilla Gurdon( b. 1847)1871Washer Woman
6476Caroline Gurdon( b. 1864)1901Laundress
6476Edith Gurdon( b. 1878)1901Laundress
7755Louisa Haines( b. 1854)1911Laundress
8764Elizabeth Hambelton( b. 1851)1911Laundress
6511Elizabeth Hambleton( b. 1851)1901Laundress
2181Susannah Hands( b. 1838)1901Laundress
4880Mary Ann Hardey( b. 1823)1871Laundress
1112Sarah Hardy( b. 1796)1841Washer Woman
105Mary Ann Hardy( b. 1825)1851Laundress
6614Sarah Hardy( b. 1791)1851Laundress
2227Mary Ann Hardy( b. 1823)1861Laundress
2227Sarah Hardy( b. 1790)1861Laundress
561M Hardy( b. 1833)1881Laundress
8468Sarah Harman( b. 1863)1911Laundress
6221Sarah Harper( b. 1828)1891Laundress
8274Adelaid Harris( b. 1830)1851Laundress
8274Ann Harris( b. 1826)1851Laundress
3504Elenor Harris( b. 1807)1851Laundress
3645Adelaide Harris( b. 1831)1861Laundress
8340Ann Harris( b. 1831)1861Laundress
5064Eliza Harris( b. 1826)1861Laundress
3655Elizabeth Harris( b. 1803)1861Laundress
6739Eteanor Harris( b. 1805)1861Laundress & Charwoman
4809Mary A Harris( b. 1831)1861Laundress
4862Eliza Harris( b. 1831)1871Laundress
1697Mary A Harris( b. 1831)1871Laundress
4659Eleanor Harris( b. 1805)1881Laundress
4936Eliza Harris( b. 1831)1881Laundress
4157Eliza Jane Harris( b. 1859)1881Laundress (Assistant)
4963Eliza Harris( b. 1826)1891Laundress
350Emma Harris( b. 1857)1891Washing
7755Matilda Harris( b. 1860)1911Laundress
2427Emma Harriss( b. 1857)1881Laundress
7692Annie Hawkes( b. 1857)1901Laundress
7692Annie E Hawkes( b. 1879)1901Laundress
4983Hannah Hawkes( b. 1865)1901Laundress
7682Annie Hawks( b. 1859)1891Laundress
1180Louisa Hayes( b. 1812)1871Laundress
4050Elizabeth Hayler( b. 1849)1901Laundress
4050Fanny Hayler( b. 1882)1901Laundress
5660Mary Haynes( b. 1809)1861Laundress
9861Thomas Heal( b. 1894)1911Laundry Hand
3419Sarah Heath( b. 1816)1841Laundress
8272Mary Heath( b. 1819)1851Laundress
3569Sarah Heath( b. 1814)1851Laundress
8338Mary Heath( b. 1815)1861Laundress
8378Sarah Heath( b. 1814)1861Laundress
7960Emily Heath( b. 1850)1871Laundress
5239Susan Higgins( b. 1851)1901Laundress
4043Alice Higgs( b. 1885)1901Laundress
8431Nellie Higgs( b. 1881)1911Laundry Worker
4979Mary Ann Hill( b. 1836)1861Laundry Woman
1804Eliza Hill( b. 1845)1881Launderess (Formerly)
4590Rebecca Hoar( b. 1772)1851Washerwoman (Formerly)
7829Margret Hobbs( b. 1751)1841Laundress
7829Mary Hobbs( b. 1801)1841Laundress
7829Sarah Hobbs( b. 1831)1841Laundress
8314Mary Hobbs( b. 1795)1851Laundress
8379Harriet Hobbs( b. 1809)1861Laundress
2600Mary Hobbs( b. 1796)1861Launderess (Alms)
7903Hannah Hobbs( b. 1834)1871Laundress
7903Harriet Hobbs( b. 1808)1871Laundress
7903Mary Hobbs( b. 1850)1871Laundress
5790Jane Holloman( b. 1831)1861Laundress
853Mary A Hone( b. 1825)1861Laundress
6161Ann Honey( b. 1824)1881Laundress
7755Sarah Hooney( b. 1872)1911Laundress
2288Ellen Horne( b. 1863)1881Laundress
2288Kate Horne( b. 1859)1881Laundress
2288Sarah Horne( b. 1829)1881Laundress
2310Ellen Horne( b. 1863)1891Laundress
2310Kate Horne( b. 1859)1891Laundress
2310Sarah Horne( b. 1829)1891Laundress
2332Ellen Horne( b. 1863)1901Laundress
2332Kate Horne( b. 1860)1901Laundress
2332Sarah Horne( b. 1830)1901Laundress
9887Ellen Horne( b. 1863)1911Laundress
1259Ann Horney( b. 1827)1871Laundress
2259Ann Horsley( b. 1804)1871Laundress
6032Jane Horsley( b. 1836)1881Laundress
6198Eliza Horsley( b. 1866)1891Laundress
6198Jane Horsley( b. 1831)1891Laundress
6198Sarah Horsley( b. 1858)1891Laundress
6465Jane Horsley( b. 1835)1901Laundress
6465Mary Horsley( b. 1873)1901Laundress
6465Sarah A Horsley( b. 1855)1901Laundress
6465Susan Horsley( b. 1875)1901Laundress
813Rebecca Hous( b. 1776)1841Laundress
4983Louisa House( b. 1874)1901Laundress
8322Elizabeth Howard( b. 1835)1861Washer Woman
5842Ann Howard( b. 1822)1871Laundress
2408Elizabeth Howard( b. 1835)1881Laundress
527Mary Howard( b. 1820)1891Laundry Maid
527Mary Jane Howard( b. 1848)1891Laundry Maid
8653Alice Howard( b. 1867)1911Laundress
8653Gertrude Alice Howard( b. 1891)1911Laundry Maid
1516Sarah Hughes( b. 1809)1851Laundress
1607Sarah Hughes( b. 1811)1861Laundress
8021Sarah Hughes( b. 1829)1881Laundress
8535Annie Hughes( b. 1893)1911Laundress
8738Mary Hughes( b. 1886)1911Laundry Maid
8738Rose Hughes( b. 1889)1911Laundry Maid
8535Sarah Hughes( b. 1864)1911Laundress
1596Jane Hunt( b. 1799)1861Laundress
9592Matilda Irvin( b. 1863)1911Laundry Woman
4980Fanny Irving( b. 1834)1871Laundress
5836Ann Ivamy( b. 1814)1871Laundress
7505Mary Ivermee( b. 1814)1871Laundress
7597Mary Ivermeree( b. 1815)1881Washing Woman
4997Harriet James( b. 1839)1881Laundress
7755Harriett James( b. 1830)1911Laundress
5467Ann Jefferis( b. 1791)1851Washer Woman
5792Hannah Jemmett( b. 1807)1861Laundress
5872Mary Jemmett( b. 1841)1871Laundress
6036Caroline Jemmett( b. 1839)1881Laundress (Formerly)
4291Martha Jemmett( b. 1836)1881Laundress
6202Caroline Jemmett( b. 1834)1891Laundress
6777Martha Jemmett( b. 1836)1891Laundress
1347Martha Jemmett( b. 1834)1901Laundress
3743Ruth Jerome( b. 1831)1871Laundress
825Eleanor Johnson( b. 1791)1841Laundress
3528Mary Johnson( b. 1795)1851Laundress
3649Mary Johnson( b. 1795)1861Laundress
7508Ann Johnson( b. 1803)1871Mangler
1816Dinah Johnson( b. 1808)1881Launderess (Formerly)
6084Martha Johnson( b. 1830)1881Laundress
1616Mary Ann Jones( b. 1839)1861Washer Woman
468Rebecca Jones( b. 1813)1871Laundress
7974Matilda Jones( b. 1837)1881Laundress
1810Phoebe Jones( b. 1866)1881Laundress (Assistant)
3781Elizabeth Jones( b. 1836)1891Laundress
6898Fanny Jones( b. 1841)1891Laundress
7084Ellen Jones( b. 1871)1901Laundress
7086Fanny Jones( b. 1841)1901Laundress
3746Mary Kay( b. 1847)1871Laundress
463Sarah Keeley( b. 1841)1871Laundry Maid
4155Mary Ann Kent( b. 1845)1881Laundress
6775Emma M Kent( b. 1868)1891Laundress
6775Mary L Kent( b. 1845)1891Laundress
5241Emma M Kent( b. 1868)1901Laundress
5241Mary A Kent( b. 1845)1901Laundress
3406Sarah King( b. 1786)1841Laundress
3505Jane King( b. 1817)1851Laundress
3564Mary King( b. 1807)1851Laundress
7379Caroline King( b. 1834)1861Laundress
10100Ellen King( b. 1870)1911Laundry Worker
3451Ann Knight( b. 1821)1841Laundress
8694Emma Knott( b. 1842)1911Laundress
6605Mary Lambourn( b. 1791)1851Laundress
869Alice Lambourn( b. 1798)1861Washer Woman
869Matilda Lambourn( b. 1837)1861Laundress
3633Lucy A Langford( b. 1828)1861Launderess (Formerly)
7873Lucy Ann Langford( b. 1828)1871Laundress
10040Fanny Langford( b. 1881)1911Laundress
6028Jane Langman( b. 1832)1881Laundress
3575Sarah Lansdown( b. 1807)1851Laundress
3677Mary Lansdown( b. 1842)1861Laundress (Assistant)
3677Sarah Lansdown( b. 1806)1861Laundress
8274Susan Laurence( b. 1796)1851Laundress
5661Rachael Laurence( b. 1821)1861Laundress
5834Emily Laurence( b. 1857)1871Laundress
5834Maria Laurence( b. 1829)1871Laundress
5007Am Lawrence( b. 1810)1841Washer Woman
6248Sarah Laye( b. 1841)1891Laundress
8744Beatrice Laye( b. 1889)1911Laundress
3432Bridget Leary( b. 1791)1841Laundress
6751Charlotte Leaver( b. 1810)1861Laundress
9849Elizabeth Leaver( b. 1888)1911Laundress
2054Emma Legate( b. 1846)1891Laundress
7088Emma Legate( b. 1846)1901Laundress
7088George W Legate( b. 1846)1901Laundry Man
7755Emma Legate( b. 1846)1911Laundress
9847George William Leggett( b. 1846)1911Laundry Worker
1681Ann Lenů( b. 1827)1861Laundress
6516Edith Lewington( b. 1877)1901Laundress
8729Edith Lewington( b. 1876)1911Laundress
6738Frances Lovegrove( b. 1799)1861Laundress
4980Ellen Lovegrove( b. 1817)1871Laundress
1709Emma Lovegrove( b. 1850)1871Laundress
1709Frances Lovegrove( b. 1806)1871Laundress
4981Ellen Lovegrove( b. 1819)1881Laundry Worker
6118Margret Lovegrove( b. 1862)1881Laundress
6118Matilda Lovegrove( b. 1858)1881Laundress
1873Martha Lovejoy( b. 1831)1881Laundress
3178Sarah Lovejoy( b. 1827)1881Laundry Woman
4330Martha Lovejoy( b. 1830)1891Laundress
7271Sophia Lucas( b. 1832)1851Washer Woman
1138Mary Lucey( b. 1796)1861Laundress
6131Ann Lunnon( b. 1835)1881Laundress
6131Ellen Lunnon( b. 1861)1881Laundress
6922Ann Macdonald( b. 1852)1891Laundress
6383Lucy Mackall( b. 1852)1901Laundress
9802Eleanor Manley( b. 1889)1911Laundress
6635Emily Married( b. 1828)1851Laundress
1430Elisabeth Martin( b. 1796)1841Laundress
5188Laura M Martin( b. 1871)1901Laundry Manageress
8711Lilly Martin( b. 1893)1911Laundress
8595Lucy Maskall( b. 1852)1911Laundress
5909Ellen L May( b. 1855)1871Washer Woman
6288Esther May( b. 1838)1891Laundress
6288Jane May( b. 1871)1891Laundress
6288Marant May( b. 1869)1891Laundress
7123Ellen May( b. 1840)1901Laundress
7193Sarah May( b. 1831)1901Laundress
8517Agnes May( b. 1886)1911Laundress
8692Annie L May( b. 1885)1911Laundress
5003Julia Messenger( b. 1752)1841Washer Woman
1055Rose Messenger( b. 1811)1841Laundress
1055Susannah Messenger( b. 1766)1841Laundress
1055Susannah Messenger( b. 1806)1841Laundress
6612Rose Anna Messenger( b. 1806)1851Laundress
6612Susannah Messenger( b. 1763)1851Laundress
6612Susannah Messenger( b. 1803)1851Laundress
2232Rose Anne Messenger( b. 1806)1861Laundress
2232Susannah Messenger( b. 1803)1861Laundress
2257Rose A Messenger ( b. 1803)1871Laundress
4981Elizabeth Miles( b. 1833)1881Superintendant of Laundry
3539Deborah Miller( b. 1783)1851Laundress
3878Mary Minton( b. 1850)1901Laundress (Retired)
2908Ann Munday( b. 1771)1841Mangler
7755Elizabeth Murphy( b. 1842)1911Laundress
9797Emily Louise Muser( b. 1874)1911Laundress
4746Elizabeth Naboron( b. 1786)1841Washer Woman
8307Martha Nanney( b. 1813)1851Laundress
71Mary Nash( b. 1811)1841Laundress
4615Ann Nash( b. 1793)1851Laundress
4980Rebecca Nash( b. 1805)1871Laundress
7335Rebecca Neville( b. 1805)1861Washer Woman
9837Caroline Emmer Nibbs( b. 1891)1911Hand Laundry Worker
9837Elizabeth Mary Nibbs( b. 1884)1911Hand Laundry Worker
9837Rachel Eleanor Nibbs( b. 1889)1911Hand Laundry Worker
4983Emily Nicholls( b. 1877)1901Laundress
5864Charlotte Norcott( b. 1851)1871Laundress
6051Mary Norcott( b. 1856)1881Laundress
5574Mary Norcutt( b. 1786)1851Washer Woman
2049Katherine Norris( b. 1854)1891Laundress
6234Sophia Norris( b. 1832)1891Laundress
5214Henrietta E Norris( b. 1875)1901Laundress
5214Mary Norris( b. 1829)1901Laundress
5805Fanny North( b. 1804)1861Laundress
7755Emma Nunn( b. 1880)1911Laundress
8379Emily Overton( b. 1840)1861Laundress (Assistant)
7903Emily Overton( b. 1840)1871Laundry Maid
8340Susan Parker( b. 1795)1861Laundress
6644Sarah Parrot( b. 1826)1851Laundress
8022Mary Parrott( b. 1858)1881Laundress
5006Elizabeth Parson( b. 1791)1841Washer Woman
6417Ann Partridge( b. 1846)1901Laundress
8576Ann Partridge( b. 1846)1911Laundress
3853Sarah Anne Payne( b. 1848)1891Laundress & Needlewoman
9536Sarah Peepall( b. 1859)1911Laundress
844Sarah Pheby( b. 1808)1861Laundress
883Sarah Pheby( b. 1804)1871Laundress
2663Ann Phillips( b. 1797)1861Washer Woman
3807Ann Phillips( b. 1840)1891Laundress
6521Ada Piercey( b. 1881)1901Laundress
8742Eliza Piercey( b. 1889)1911Laundress
6452Mary A Pike( b. 1856)1901Laundress
7755Eva Pinnock( b. 1878)1911Laundress
6573Sarah Pitt( b. 1798)1851Washer Woman
8883Elizabeth Plank( b. 1854)1911Laundress
8883Harry Plank( b. 1892)1911Kitchen Porter
5949Eliza Pope( b. 1848)1871Laundress
6029Eliza Pope( b. 1849)1881Laundress
4748Mary Powell( b. 1788)1841Laundress
4787Sarah Prater( b. 1793)1851Washer Woman
8365Elizabeth Pratly( b. 1807)1861Laundress
4610Jane Pratt( b. 1779)1851Washer Woman
7940Elizabeth Prattley( b. 1807)1871Laundress
7940Jane Prattley( b. 1849)1871Laundress
4983Emily Proctor( b. 1860)1901Laundress
6683Emma Quincy( b. 1840)1861Laundress
6683Mary Quincy( b. 1836)1861Laundress
1178Emma Quincy( b. 1846)1871Laundress
1178Mary Quincy( b. 1841)1871Laundress
1178Sarah Quincy( b. 1797)1871Laundress
2829Laura Constance Quinrey( b. 1871)1891Laundress
2829Mary Quinrey( b. 1842)1891Laundress
6164Mary A. Read( b. 1840)1881Laundress
6217Lavinia Read( b. 1851)1891Laundress
7035L Read( b. 1853)1901Laundress
9446Lavina Read( b. 1853)1911Laundress
5805Martha Reading( b. 1794)1861Laundress
5805Martha B Reading( b. 1831)1861Laundress
5556Martha Readings( b. 1830)1851Laundress
5910Martha Readings( b. 1796)1871Laundress
5910Martha Readings( b. 1830)1871Launderess
7614Ann Reeves( b. 1832)1881Laundress
8476Emily Reeves( b. 1853)1911Laundress
3678Charlotte Regan( b. 1799)1861Laundress
4074Han Richardson( b. 1766)1841Laundress
6939Eliza Richardson( b. 1839)1891Laundress
7287Martha Rimes( b. 1794)1851Washer Woman
1653Eliza Rixon( b. 1821)1861Laundress
1757Eliza Rixon( b. 1821)1871Laundress
5899Emma Robbins( b. 1852)1871Laundress
6161Emma Robbins( b. 1851)1881Laundress
6225Emily Robins( b. 1872)1891Laundress
6225Emma Robins( b. 1852)1891Laundress
9528Louie Robinson( b. 1888)1911Laundry Hand
3574Charlotte Rogers( b. 1800)1851Laundress
8705Elizabeth Rogers( b. 1866)1911Laundress
6287Betsey Rollings( b. 1865)1891Laundress
555Alice Rumble( b. 1865)1881Laundress
555Ann Rumble( b. 1829)1881Laundress
7755Annie Rumble( b. 1827)1911Laundress
9522Emily Rumble( b. 1870)1911Laundry Hand
2702Mary Ann Saddler( b. 1850)1871Laundress
9938John Sanders( b. 1871)1911Laundry Man
9938Mary Sanders( b. 1868)1911Laundress
10020Maud Sargeant( b. 1882)1911Packer Steam Laundry
7070Annie Saul( b. 1882)1901Laundry Packer
1939Sarah Sears( b. 1839)1891Laundress
7755Annie Sergeant( b. 1872)1911Laundress
7080Alice M Shail( b. 1876)1901Laundress
818Fanny Sharp( b. 1801)1841Washer Woman
872Mary Sharp( b. 1801)1861Washer Woman
6493Laura Shaw( b. 1874)1901Laundress
10017Anni Shepherd( b. 1868)1911Laundress
1458Rachel Shindler( b. 1806)1841Laundress
4980Jane Simmonds( b. 1835)1871Laundress
4982Ann Simmonds( b. 1862)1891Laundress
9918Annie S Smart( b. 1888)1911Laundry Forewoman
1727Rosaman Smith( b. 1851)1871Laundress
7984Eliza Smith( b. 1844)1881Laundress
4981Susan Smith( b. 1817)1881Laundress
6256Annie Smith( b. 1876)1891Laundress
3830Elizabeth Smith( b. 1827)1891Laundress
5203Ella Smith( b. 1879)1901Laundress
6774Ellen Soden( b. 1859)1891Laundress
7968Sarah Soundy( b. 1826)1871Laundress
7289Ann Sparkes( b. 1806)1851Washer Woman
1544Rachel Spendler( b. 1802)1851Laundress
2129Annie Stallwood( b. 1881)1901Laundress
2129Sarah Stallwood( b. 1850)1901Laundress
6502Emma Steevens( b. 1879)1901Laundress
3451Eliza Stevens( b. 1826)1841Laundress
3451Elizabeth Stevens( b. 1831)1841Laundress
3451Mary Stevens( b. 1791)1841Laundress
3556Eliza Stevens( b. 1826)1851Laundress
3556Mary Ann Stevens( b. 1787)1851Laundress
5917Sarah Strange( b. 1827)1871Laundress
8922Edith Ellen Strange( b. 1887)1911Laundress
10006Mary Stratford( b. 1890)1911Laundry Worker
9988Mabel Street( b. 1881)1911Laundry Maid
5245Rose M Streets( b. 1871)1901Laundress
8460Ada Mary Styles( b. 1879)1911Laundry Maid
10037Alice Syrett( b. 1888)1911Laundress
1560Henrietta Talbot( b. 1832)1851Laundress
5481Eliza Tanner( b. 1788)1851Launderess (Pauper)
2738Susanna Taylor( b. 1794)1871Laundress (Formerly)
10224Frederick Wallin Taylor( b. 1876)1911Laundry Manager
9546Martha Taylor( b. 1843)1911Laundry Worker
7064M Teague( b. 1885)1901Laundress
6156Elizabeth Thatcher( b. 1834)1881Laundress
4980Elizabeth Thomas( b. 1824)1871Laundress (Workhouse)
10017Susanah Thombs( b. 1838)1911Ironer
9938Annie Titcomb( b. 1889)1911Laundress
2204Ann Titcombe( b. 1862)1901Laundress
10031Ann Titcombe( b. 1859)1911Laundry Worker
2436Hannah Tomalin( b. 1843)1881Laundress
7172Emily Tomalin( b. 1882)1901Laundress
7172Hannah Tomalin( b. 1842)1901Laundress
9581Hannah Tomalin( b. 1842)1911Laundress
4300Ann Tombs( b. 1821)1881Launderess (Formerly)
9839Edith May Tombs( b. 1894)1911Laundress
9938Eliza Tombs( b. 1891)1911Laundress
7755Rose Tombs( b. 1863)1911Laundress
5884Sarah Tomlin( b. 1855)1871Washer Woman
5884Sophia Tomlin( b. 1825)1871Washer Woman
561Sophie Tomlin( b. 1832)1881Laundress
6239Fanny Tomlin( b. 1867)1891Laundress
4302Mary Ann Towner( b. 1841)1881Laundress
2312Ann Towner( b. 1830)1891Laundress
6894Margaret E Towner( b. 1869)1891Laundress
6894Mary A Towner( b. 1841)1891Laundress
7090Frances K Towner( b. 1876)1901Laundress
7090Mary A Towner( b. 1841)1901Laundress
6533Ellen Trimmings( b. 1872)1901Laundress
7504Mary Tripp( b. 1813)1871Laundress
8072Mary Tripp( b. 1849)1891Laundress
6524Eliza Tripp( b. 1878)1901Laundress
2500Mary Tuissey( b. 1845)1901Laundress
4983Sybil Turner( b. 1860)1901Laundress (Workhouse)
5199Elizabeth M Vale( b. 1851)1901Laundress
5199Julia S Vale( b. 1883)1901Laundress
1298Martha Varney( b. 1813)1871Laundress
1190Fanny Vaughan( b. 1815)1871Laundress
4167Fanny Vaughan( b. 1815)1881Laundress
8986Lousa Vaughan( b. 1856)1911Laundress
9988Beatrice Wagstaff( b. 1888)1911Laundry Maid
7293Mary Walters( b. 1786)1851Mangler
1135Hannah Ward( b. 1829)1861Laundress
9376Edith Maud Ward( b. 1877)1911Laundry Proprietor
1435Sarah Warner( b. 1821)1841Laundress
2050Martha Warner( b. 1857)1891Laundress
1607Eliza Warren( b. 1841)1861Laundress
1031Grace Webb( b. 1796)1841Washing
3558Elizabeth Webb( b. 1804)1851Laundress
8276Sofia Webb( b. 1792)1851Laundress
7907Elizabeth Webb( b. 1829)1871Laundress
8019Adelaide Webb( b. 1832)1881Laundress
6016Caroline A. Webb( b. 1857)1881Laundress
6016Elizabeth Webb( b. 1829)1881Laundress
6016Lucy Webb( b. 1859)1881Laundress
8094Adelaide Webb( b. 1831)1891Laundress
6186Ann Webb( b. 1868)1891Laundry Maid
6186Elizabeth Webb( b. 1827)1891Laundress
6186Lucy Webb( b. 1859)1891Laundress
9825Lucy Webb( b. 1888)1911Laundress (Assistant)
9825Rose Mary Webb( b. 1872)1911Laundress
7443Emma Weller( b. 1826)1871Laundress
7596Emily Weller( b. 1831)1881Laundress
3424Maria Wells( b. 1801)1841Laundress
3544Maria Wells( b. 1817)1851Laundress
3544Maria Wells( b. 1836)1851Laundress
3654Caroline Wells( b. 1835)1861Laundress
3654Maria Wells( b. 1797)1861Laundress
3654Martha Wells( b. 1823)1861Laundress
3654Mary Wells( b. 1821)1861Laundress
1645Mary Ann Wells( b. 1790)1861Laundress (Formerly)
3654Susanna Wells( b. 1832)1861Laundress
7918Mary Wells( b. 1828)1871Laundress
8024Ann Wells( b. 1828)1881Laundress
8024Ann Wells( b. 1851)1881Laundress
8004Mary Wells( b. 1827)1881Laundress
8102Ann Wells( b. 1828)1891Laundress
8102Ann Wells( b. 1851)1891Laundress
8078Eliza Wells( b. 1867)1891Laundress
8102Harriett Kilty Wells( b. 1872)1891Laundress
8171Eliza Wells( b. 1864)1901Laundress
10102Eliza Wells( b. 1868)1911Laundry Worker
8464Harriett Kitty Wells( b. 1872)1911Laundress
992Sophia West( b. 1845)1901Laundress
10038Sophia West( b. 1846)1911Laundry Ironer
7902Harriett Wheeler( b. 1827)1871Laundress
1771Sarah Wheeler( b. 1821)1871Laundress
574Ary A Wheeler( b. 1817)1881Laundress
8015Harriett Wheeler( b. 1825)1881Laundress
574Maria Wheeler( b. 1845)1881Laundress
574Mary A Wheeler( b. 1845)1881Laundress
4200Sophia Wheeler( b. 1848)1881Laundress
1934Mary A Wheeler( b. 1817)1891Laundress
2174Mary Whitaker( b. 1851)1901Laundress
7514Pheobe White( b. 1805)1871Mangler
7514Rachel White( b. 1846)1871Laundress
560Constance White( b. 1864)1881Laundry Maid
560Elizabeth White( b. 1866)1881Laundry Maid
7609Rachel White( b. 1845)1881Laundress
560Sarah White( b. 1836)1881Laundress
1920Elizabeth White( b. 1866)1891Laundress
7680Rachael White( b. 1844)1891Laundress
1920Sarah White( b. 1836)1891Laundress
8147R White( b. 1844)1901Laundress
7173Harriet Wild( b. 1849)1901Laundress
5680Sarah Wilde( b. 1811)1861Laundress
6078Sarah Wilde( b. 1811)1881Laundress
5001Susan Mary Willis( b. 1846)1881Laundress
955Isabel Willis( b. 1852)1891Laundress
2078Esther M Willis( b. 1883)1901Laundress
2078Ethel M Willis( b. 1881)1901Laundress
2078Isabel Willis( b. 1852)1901Laundress
1733Fanny Willoughby( b. 1853)1871Laundress
1733Mary A Willoughby( b. 1822)1871Laundress
1818Ann P Willoughby( b. 1849)1881Laundress (Assistant)
1818Mary Ann Willoughby( b. 1820)1881Laundress
4607Mary Wise( b. 1777)1851Laundress
1602Hannah Wise( b. 1794)1861Laundress
2313Emma Wood( b. 1865)1891Laundry Maid
1401Ann Woodley( b. 1791)1851Laundress
845Ann Woodley( b. 1789)1861Laundress
6025Mary A. Woods( b. 1834)1881Laundress
6191Mary A Woods( b. 1831)1891Laundress
6454Mary A Woods( b. 1840)1901Laundress
7755Annie Woods( b. 1880)1911Workhouse Laundress
9521Edwin Woodwards( b. 1873)1911Kitchen Porter
1275Mary Wright( b. 1812)1871Laundress
2444Alice Wright( b. 1861)1881Laundress
2444Elizabeth Wright( b. 1863)1881Laundress
2444Louisa Wright( b. 1871)1881Laundress
2444Sarah Wright( b. 1831)1881Laundress
2444Susan Wright( b. 1868)1881Laundress
3822Sarah Wright( b. 1832)1891Laundress
5654Jane Wyatt( b. 1820)1861Laundress
1872Emily Young( b. 1865)1881Laundress (Assistant)
1872Mary Young( b. 1840)1881Laundress
2026Mary Anne Young( b. 1841)1891Laundress
6512Mary Young( b. 1856)1901Laundress