Category: 7 Other local or County Official
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
7Other local or County Official1000201
Category: 7 Other local or County Official
9026William George Burgess( b. 1841)1911County Court Bailiff
9202Mary Jane Cleary( b. 1868)1911Foster Mother
4243George Edward Cordery( b. 1827)1881County Court Bailiff
1885Sarah Dearlove( b. 1807)1881Inspector of Outdoor Relief
10216Herbert Foster( b. 1875)1911Registrar Of Births & Deaths
1064Richard Heath( b. 1801)1841Sheriff's Officer
9135Harry Littlewood( b. 1873)1911Rate Collector Assistant Dresser
9725Arthur Richard Lloyds( b. 1861)1911Clerk To Local Public Authorities
8619Henry William Lovell( b. 1893)1911Poor Law Clerk
9487Charles Victor Rawlins( b. 1892)1911Poor Law Clerk
9196Mary Robb( b. 1865)1911Foster Mother
4456Edwin Sandy( b. 1831)1901County Court Bailiff
9283Avery Alfred Whitfield( b. 1887)1911Poor Law Clerk