Category: 77 Life, House, Ship etc., Insurance Service
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
77Life, House, Ship etc., Insurance Service0000248
Category: 77 Life, House, Ship etc., Insurance Service
3909William Aris( b. 1858)1891Superintendent of Prudential Insurance Company
1345George Ashpole( b. 1854)1901Life Assurance Agent
10071Walter Wycliffe Bedmore( b. 1878)1911Life Insurance Agent
2079Albert Bond( b. 1884)1901Insurance Agent
3926Joseph J Clark( b. 1828)1901Insurance Agent
7066Earl Clegg( b. 1858)1901Life Assurance Agent
9355Earl Clegg( b. 1858)1911Life Assurance Agent
6777William T Collins( b. 1871)1891Agent for Prudential Insurance Society
595John C Cooper( b. 1846)1881Insurance Agent
3932Johua Francis( b. 1854)1901Assistant Superintendant of Assurance Company
4032Ernest Fuller( b. 1873)1901Assurance Agent
6022William Harbert( b. 1821)1881Insurance Agent
5267Rupert Hardy( b. 1874)1901Insurance Agent
10022Leopold Charles Heller( b. 1879)1911Insurance Agent
5234Stephen G Hillier( b. 1868)1901Agent for Prudential Insurance Society
10004Edward Meads( b. 1885)1911Insurance Agent
9863George Albert Neal( b. 1881)1911Life Insurance Agent
2767John Page( b. 1813)1891Actuary to Savings Bank
6319Albert Pengilley( b. 1863)1891Insurance Agent
9758Frances Hewer Sheppard( b. 1872)1911Life Insurance Agent
9998H B Sofield( b. 1867)1911Superintendent To Prudential Assurance Company
9639George Thorn( b. 1862)1911Insurance Agent
9376William Ward( b. 1868)1911Insurance Inspector
9902William E W Woodgate( b. 1874)1911Assurance Agent