Category: 84 Cabman, Flyman, Coachman (not Domestic)
Number of persons in each Category
IdCategory 1841185118611871188118911901
84Cabman, Flyman, Coachman (not Domestic)0144267
Category: 84 Cabman, Flyman, Coachman (not Domestic)
9288Frederick J D Bishop( b. 1897)1911Guard (G W R Van)
7494Jesse Blanchford( b. 1846)1871Fly Driver
9966Alfred Bond( b. 1857)1911Cab Driver
10197William Henry Brayne( b. 1884)1911Taxi Driver
9521Henry George Brown( b. 1883)1911Agent (Currier's)
7612Walter Bushnell( b. 1852)1881Fly Driver
5636John Clinch( b. 1786)1861Coachman to Innkeeper
6934Charles Clinch( b. 1840)1891Fly Driver
9799Horace Clinch( b. 1887)1911Fly Driver
8698Ben Coggins( b. 1875)1911Carrier's Assistant
2128Willam A Davis( b. 1864)1901Coachman (Not Domestic)
9006William Alfred Davis( b. 1864)1911Cab Driver
3753Henry Emmett( b. 1838)1871Flyman's Labourer
6400Charles E Feesey( b. 1846)1901Fly Driver
8868Alfred Flitney( b. 1873)1911Steam Lorry Driver
625John Foster( b. 1865)1901Cab Driver
6927Thomas Goddard( b. 1857)1891Flyman
9394Thomas Goddard( b. 1856)1911Fly Driver
240Knightly Gray( b. 1850)1871Fly Driver
2343Richard Holton( b. 1835)1851Conductor of Omnibus
10076William Hucthings( b. 1876)1911Cab Driver
1850William Hutchings( b. 1844)1881Fly Driver
6975William Hutchings( b. 1845)1891Flyman
3677John Lansdown( b. 1803)1861Omnibus Driver
10114Henry Martin( b. 1873)1911Fly Driver
10198James Lever New( b. 1882)1911Taxi Car Driver
6273Frederick Porter( b. 1860)1891Fly Driver
3996Frederick Porter( b. 1860)1901Cab Driver
8897Frank Porter( b. 1885)1911Taxi Cab Driver
8897Frederick Porter( b. 1860)1911Cab Driver
3928Robert Prewett( b. 1835)1901Flyman
10174George Putman( b. 1892)1911Motor Driver
10203Albert Reade( b. 1888)1911Chauffeur
6964William Simmons( b. 1845)1891Flyman
10150Arthur Stoker( b. 1865)1911Cab Driver
2081Charles Treacher( b. 1852)1901Coachman (Not Domestic)
1144John Westbrook( b. 1792)1861Omnibus Coachman (Formerly)
7420George Wheeler( b. 1837)1871Fly Driver
7200Henry Worskett( b. 1843)1901Cab Driver (Retired)
3008John Wyatt( b. 1817)1861Coachman at Inn
3902John T Youngs( b. 1875)1891Cab Driver